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Windowsill Propagator Kit

  • Catalogue Code 1090-3378
  • Pack Contents: 1x Windowsill Propagator Kit
  • Everything you need to start your growth
  • Different sized trays to meet different requirements
  • Exclusive to Marshalls

Providing you with everything you need to grow from seedlings onwards. Great for in house growing on your windowsill. Use this kit indoors to kick-start strong growth.  Exclusive to us our windowsill propagator kit provides you with a generous size to play with that holds four interchangeable plug trays which can accommodate a multitude of different combinations of 9, 24 & 48 cells. So it will suit all of your growing needs and contain them in a safe, secure growing environment.

This product has been designed specifically to create an environment to promote the strongest growth possible. Build with a tall lid to prevent crushing and the option to control the ventilation as required. Water holes are in the lid so you can water whilst the lid remains on preventing plants from being splashed.

The possibilities for growing with one of our propagators are endless for example you may wish to create a herb garden on your windowsill to pick from. Or use it as a kick-starter for growing beautiful crops.

Our propagator will provide you with value and usage year after year. They are built to last.

Each Kit contains:

-1 x Propagator Base: L 68cm x W 21.5cm x H20cm (base     without lid 9.5cm),

-4 x 9 Cell Trays (Tray size L 18cm x W 15cm x H 8cm. Cell size 5cm x 4.5cm)

-4 x 24 Cell Trays (Tray size L 18cm x W 15cm x H 3cm. Cell size 3cm x 2.5cm)

-4 x 48 Cell Trays (Tray size L 18cm x W 15cm x H 8cm. Cell size 2cm x 2cm)

-12 x Capillary Mats

-1 x Bag of Seed Compost

-12 x Labels

-1 x Pen

Designed to provide the ideal conditions for germinating seeds on your windowsill.



Ready for immediate use with all requirements supplied.


Nice free gift.


Looks good

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