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Westland Moss Master 400sqm

  • Catalogue Code 1090-7092
  • Pack Contents: 1x 400sqm Coverage Bag

Westland Moss master provides you with an acidic soil neutraliser and lawn feed, this will improve the PH condition of your lawn allowing your lawn to capture all of the nutrients it requires for ideal lawn health.

Its packed with essential nutrients such as Zinc and Boron, offering a deep greening treatment that your lawn will reward you for. Neutralising the PH level in your lawn creates a habitat that moss doesn’t like to live in. By eliminating the acidity in your lawn moss doesn’t have the environment it needs to survive. Moss is also known to hold a lot of water, in turn creating waterlogging problems, therefore Moss master also prevents waterlogging on your prized lawn.

Moss master can be used throughout the year. However, for optimal results we recommend that you apply between September and April. By cutting your lawn before you apply will allow for better contact between the moss master and the targeted areas such as soil and existing moss.

There’s no need to worry about young children and pets using your garden if you have applied Moss master, as its perfect safe to humans and wildlife.

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