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Westland Hydroleca Clay Granules 10L

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4643
  • Pack Contents: 1x 10L Bag
  • Ideal for houseplants
  • Lightweight clay granules
  • Granules absorb water and release it slowly to plant roots
  • Decorative pot topper
  • Prevents the effects of overwatering
  • Creates an effective microclimate for leaves

Treat your houseplants to a decorative finish with hydroleca clay granules. The granules have a smooth outer surface and a honeycomb-like centre which holds water and releases it slowly to your plants as and when the roots require. This makes caring for houseplants easier to give you impressive indoor plant displays.

Hydroleca is both decorative and practical. It gives houseplants the perfect finish; just place a layer of the clay granules around every plant. You can also spread hydroleca over a shallow tray and place houseplants pots over the layer. Be sure your pots have drainage holes. This prevents houseplants sitting directly in water which is bad for the roots.

Hydroleca also forms an ideal microclimate around your plants so the soil near to your roots stay adequately moist and the air around your plants remain sufficiently humid.

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