Website Features

Welcome to our website.
We hope you enjoy visiting the Marshalls Seeds website. If you have any questions or comments about our website or if you experienced any issues while shopping then please click here to contact us.

We have added a number of new features to our website! A summary can be found below:

Express Order Form
Many of our customers already know either the names or product codes of the products which they are looking for. So we have developed the "Express Order Form" where you can quickly and easily add products to your wheel barrow.

Assisted Site Search
As you type your keywords or product codes, we try to find the most relevant results and give you a preview of the search results. You can then either use the preview or click find (or press return) to view the full search results page with images. Our site search scans through the product titles and descriptions, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Improved Checkout
We have tried to streamline the checkout process as much as possible. Whether you are a new customer or exising customer you will find that you can quickly and easily place an order.

We have teamed up with to bring you many top class recipes. Our intuitive recipes section gives you a wealth of options to refine your recipes search. You can search for recipes by: ingredient(s), course, or by using keywords.

Soon almost every product on our website will show when to sow, plant and harvest your crops. We have tried to make this information as accurate as possible, but I'm sure you will appreciate that we can not control mother nature, so we do need to emphasise that the sowing, planting and harvest dates are there for guidance and can not be guaranteed.

Contact Us
We would welcome your questions and comments about our new website. Please let us know if you enjoyed visiting our new site or if you experienced any issues while shopping.

Your scrapbook is an invaluable resource, where you can store and access many of the areas of our website which you would like to keep close to hand. Here you can easily access:

  • Recipes
  • Growing Guides
  • News
  • Press Releases

Intuitive A – Z
There is nothing worse than clicking on an A - Z listing only to find that Z is empty. So when you hover over the top of our A - Z we show you how many products are within that section before you click.


Best Sellers
If you aren't sure what variety you want to grow this year let others help guide you. On the right hand side of the page you will find the "Best Sellers" list. Here you can see the top 10 selling products from that section.

Printer Friendly Pages
We have worked hard to ensure that our product pages print out using the minimum amount of ink and paper. Keep your eye out for the "Print this page" tool which is featured throughout the website. Now you can take our growing guides out into the garden with you, re-print seed packet information at one click.


We currently have 3 top bloggers, Martin Harvey (Managing Director), Rona Johnson (Customer Service Advisor) and Pat Hubbard (Horticultural Technician). Between them, they talk about what's going on in the horticultural industry, their gardens, and discuss how to get the most from your land. We hope you enjoy reading them, and please do join in the discussion by leaving some comments.

As a registered user of Marshalls you can now reviews and rate of our products. As an extra incentive for our customers to review our products, for the next 3 months we will enter every person that leaves a review into our free draw to win £50 of Marshalls Gift Vouchers. Each review will be entered into the draw, so the more you review, the greater the chance of winning.

Items per page
You can now select how many items you wish to view per page, so the need to keep pressing next page, has been greatly reduced. Just set the number of "items per page" to your preferred setting and our website will remember your setting for that entire visit. The default setting is 12, but you can change this to 24 or 48 per page.

Thank you for taking the time to read about whats new on our website, I hope you enjoy your visit.