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Water Hyacinth -Eichhornia crassipes - 5x Young Pond Plants

  • Catalogue Code 5120-7136
  • Pack Contents: 5 Young Plants

Vigorous and decorative

Water hyacinths are vigorous and decorative plants with distinctive flower spikes in early summer that give the plants their common name.

Floating Plants shade the pond and reduce algae while providing valuable cover for pond life. These plants float on top of the water.

From 3rd August 2016 the European Commission have listed Eichornia crassipes ‘Major’ ( Water Hyacinth) as being an invasive species. We are allowed to supply this plant and are happy to do so for the next 12 months during the transitional period of agreement. Eichornia is a Tender Annual and whilst it may be invasive in warmer European climates, here in all parts of the UK the plant will die during our winters so CAN NOT be invasive. 

Eichornia crassipes ‘Major’ is a beautiful ornamental plant for ponds, attracting pollinating insects to the garden. The decision was fought by UK Horticultural bodies to not be registered invasive in our country, however please act responsibly, enjoy this plant in your garden, do not take this plant with you outside of the UK, which could be an offence. 

Flowers July-August.

Height 60cm/24in.

Spread 25cm/10in



  • Will flower well in full sun

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Plant Outdoors

Arrived really green and succulent but the weather/water quality or the fish eating the roots made them grow unsuccessfully my conditions were all wrong for them. My seed order follows shortly


the pond plants were perfect, and in excellent condition, ready for going into the pond


Some of these plants fell apart on removing them from their plastic bag.

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