Use Home-Made Compost

If you make your own compost and if you haven’t already done so, empty the contents over the soil on your veg plot. A thick layer around Fruit Bushes, Raspberry Canes and Fruit Trees will help conserve water, improve the soil structure and hopefully keep weeds to a minimum.

One of the best uses for the rich mixture from your compost heap is planting Courgettes and Squash.

Dig a large hole, fill it with the best compost from your heap leaving a slight mound. Plant one Courgette or Squash plant directly into the top of the mound.

Keep the plants moist but do not water directly over the leaves, water around them to make sure the available water reaches the roots and does not sit round the neck of the plant which can cause it to rot. Once the first fruits begin to swell give a high potash liquid fertiliser every 10-14 days (Tomato Fertiliser is excellent).

You can even use compost that hasn’t quite rotted right down and any vegetable peelings from the kitchen to line the bottom of a trench before you plant your Potatoes or Runner Beans, it will help keep the soil moist while feeding the roots as it breaks down.

Using a compost kit such as Westland Make Your Own Compost makes making you own much quicker and encourages a kick start to the process.