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Three Tray Black Wormery

  • Catalogue Code 1090-6047
  • Pack Contents: 1x Wormery
  • Three-tier black wormery with trays, drainage sump, tap and lid
  • H70cm x W40cm x D40cm
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Lime mix to neutralise acidity
  • For food waste generated by a family of up to four
  • Five year warranty

Turn food waste into usable compost or liquid plant feed great for crops and flowers: this wormery is ideal for organic gardeners, small-holders, hobbyists or curious budding students in permaculture and organic gardening.

Complete with full instructions we suggest you give your wormery to a loved one as a present or introduce to your own household for greener living. Comes with trays, a sump for drainage and extracting tap your wormery is easy to fill, look after and then extract with the nutrient-rich organic matter produced by the worms.

Even when away from your home for a few days the worms within the wormery will care for themselves given a sufficient food source giving you peace of mind that this vermi-compost kit is still fully functioning while you are away.

Approx. 100 Tiger Worms or a Worm Card Voucher*

Approx. 1.5kg Lime Mix (to neutralise acidity)

Coir Worm Bedding to introduce the worms into their new environment (also can be used to soak up moisture)

Useful tips:

We recommend you keep your wormery somewhere dry, out of direct sunlight and frost-free to keep the worms within happy and fully functioning.

*If you are buying a Wormery as a gift or don't intend to set it up straight away, we suggest you get it delivered with a worm card instead of live worms. Then when you or the other person is ready to set it up, return the worm card by post and we will send the live tiger worms out to you. 

H:70cm x W:40cm x D:40cm

Worms are alive and eating!!

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