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Tadpole Food for Hatchlings

  • Catalogue Code 2600114
  • Pack Contents: 1x 80g Tub
  • Specially formulated for tadpole diets
  • Feed when tadpoles hatch from spawn
  • Healthy mix of plant ingredients
  • Easy-to-apply pellets
  • 80g resealable tub

Digestible pellets are perfect to enhance the feeding needs of newly-hatched tadpoles, just before they develop limbs and eventually turn into froglets. We recommend that you feed once or twice daily with a sprinkling of these well-formulated pellets. The pellets sink to the bottom of the pond where tadpoles are most happy to feed from, away from opportunistic predators like birds and fish that like to swim at the pond surface.

Enjoy watching new black tadpoles animate your pond in spring. Keep tadpole numbers to a maximum with this ideal supplementary food, vital for vulnerable baby amphibians like frogs and toads.

Their food needs at the hatchling stage is predominately herbivorous. These specially-formulated nourishing pellets give newly-hatched tadpoles a balanced blend of plant extracts and cereals which help them grow and develop as they get used to the new water environment.

Enjoy watching tadpoles develop into adult frogs and toads, British amphibians that play an important role in our UK wildlife and ecosystem. They keep garden pest numbers down like slugs and decomposing dead matter. Handy to have in an allotment setting or by your vegetable plot.


The tadpoles love them. Very impressed.


Tadpoles are doing well on this product


It works they eat it and are still alive!

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