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Swift Seed Potatoes

  • Catalogue Code 1050-6557
  • Pack Contents: 2kg Pack (25-30 Tubers)
  • From planting to picking in just seven weeks
  • Resistant to bruising, blackleg, scab and eelworm
  • Suited for growing under fleece

Swift by name, Swift by nature. Potato Swift produces one of the earliest crops of spuds on your plot- producing generous crops of round, smooth, white-fleshed baby new potatoes. In just eight weeks from planting expect a high yield of fragrant, home-grown new potatoes perfect for steaming for potato salads.

Swift’s short, bushy habit makes this variety an excellent choice for growing in containers or GroSacks where space is limited.

Swift’s other big advantage is that the short leaf growth lends itself to growing well under a protective fleece tunnel. The warmer internal environment of the tunnel speeds up growth and we’ve recorded results in as short as seven weeks. 

Resistant to whole host of pests and diseases including bruising, blackleg, scab, virus and eelworm infection.

Swift has short stems; we recommend planting closer 20-25cm (8-10in) than other early potatoes and to keep it especially well watered. This encourage good root formation for superior spuds.


  • Will flower well in full sun

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Swift being a very early potato chits quickly and produces well in past years that I have purchased them from Marshalls. This year the Swift seed potatoes had small chits already on when they arrived but they were brown / black not looking good at all. Now some days later in the correct environment they are starting to show healthy growth at last


Excellent quality and size of potatoes


can't fault good products as always

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