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Sweetcorn Mirai Picnic F1 Hybrid Seeds

  • Catalogue Code 1020-2880
  • Pack Contents: 30x Sweetcorn Seeds
  • Bred for supersweet intensity
  • F1 generation hybrid variety for naturally vigorous growth and disease-resistance
  • Colour illustrated and air-tight packet with handy tips on sowing and plant care
  • 30 seeds in every packet

This delicious new extra tender, supersweet variety gives you appealing cobs with an average 16 rows of kernels which have excellent flavour and are super sweet.

Mirai Picnic F1 has good tip fill and excellent husk protection so that the cobs do not get battered by strong winds and heavy rainfall.

We recommend you grow sweetcorn in a 6 by 5 grid rather than rows so that the plants are more likely to  pollinate each other on the wind than if planted in a straight row.


  • F1 Hybrids are crossed varieties that are exceptionally vigorous and longer lasting
  • Will flower well in full sun

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NL: in een week thuis op de deurmat liggen EN: in a week at home


They don't germinate. 3 different timings and 3 different sets of conditions. Hipeless.


only 8 out of 20 seeds sown germinated which is too higher failure rate

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