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Strawberry Plants - Vibrant 60 days

  • Catalogue Code 1060-5848
  • Pack Contents: 10 Bare Root Plants

These first class Vibrant strawberry plants are super-charged and will fruit this year in just 60 days from planting!

Carefully chilled down to -1.8°C and kept in cold storage until we receive your order, they begin to thaw in transit and burst into life just a few days after delivery. Plant as soon as they arrive. Growth is rapid and within an average of 60 days your plants will produce rich red, juicy berries that are full of flavour.

Strawberry Vibrant gives massive crops of rich red, perfectly shaped strawberries with that unbeatable strawberry taste. The flowers and fruit are held well above the foliage, aiding pollination and keeping fruit clean and easy to pick.

One of the best newly introduced strawberries; Vibrant is the new name for Marshmarvel. Bred by the fruit experts at East Malling Research Centre.

Plants will crop May-June and again in September, in the following years.



  • Good in containers and pots
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Varieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour

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Strawberry Plants - Vibrant 60 days 1060-5848

About Strawberries

Succulent, flavoursome Strawberries epitomise the traditional British summer but many of the supermarket varieties don''t come close to the flavour, juiciness or fragrance of your own sun-ripened, freshly-picked fruit. Our hand-graded runners will crop prolifically for at least 3 years but, of course, the first year''s crop is smaller.

Each plant will give around 1.5 lb of fruit in its second year. Our vigorous runners are lifted from healthy mother beds stocked with high grade parent plants and are certified by Defra. Hand grading before packing ensures that only the best are selected at the correct time to plant. Allow 15-18in between plants.

Planting Strawberries

Plant in an open, sunny position in soil which is rich in humus.  Set plants 18in/45cm apart in rows 30in/75cm apart.  After planting, water thoroughly.  If no rainfall occurs during the first few weeks after they have been planted, water regularly to keep the soil moist until plants re-establish.

Pruning Strawberries

Once new growth starts in the spring, remove the old foliage but take care not to damage the growing crown.  Replace with fresh, certified stock in a new bed in a different part of the plot every 3-4 years.


I purchased these bare rooted Strawberry plants to increase my stock. They arrived in a plastic bag to help keep the roots moist. I potted them up straight away & they have taken off very quickly. Please see photo attached already in flower & Berries beginning to swell. Strawberry's in August YUM!!


can't tell you - ask me in 60 days - I planted and watered and the plantsseem to grow - can't quite see how I will have berries in 60 days' time


Really good strong plants. I planted these strawberries two weeks ago and already one has a flower. They seem to be coping well with my dry silty soil.

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