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Strawberry Plants 'Scarlet Beauty'

  • Catalogue Code 1060-5938
  • Pack Contents: 6 plug plants

Packed with flavour and candy-like sweetness pick this beautiful perpetual strawberry with exceptional sweetness throughout the whole of summer. One plant alone produces at least one large punnet of fruit in one year!

Scarlet Beauty reveals red jewel-like fruits in massive numbers on plants that are particularly hardy and ideal to grow in containers or in nooks and crannies around the garden or in a part of the vegetable patch that receives a bit of shade.

Attractive Scarlet Beauty shows impressive disease-resistance and hardiness, ideal for the UK climate, and naturally shows off those jewel-like berries to the sun so they ripen well and look simply fantastic.

You receive your Scarlet Beauty plants as six plug plants, kept in a plastic ‘blister’ holder contained in a box. The plastic holder maintains an excellent environment for young plants while in transit from our nursery.

On arrival, open the box and remove the plastic packaging. Check the soil of the plugs and if dry, plunge plugs in water so the roots take up the water gradually while you prepare for planting.

Plant plugs in the permanent position, ideally straight away.

If the soil of the plugs is moist, plant into their permanent position, holding plants by their leaves, avoiding handling the plug which contains the fragile roots. Firm plugs into the surrounding soil with thumbs and forefingers and water well.  Once planted permanently, they can be exposed to full sun given adequate water.

If you need to wait to plant strawberries in their permanent position ensure the soil of the plug plants is kept moist but not waterlogged, and keep plug plants in a light position but out of direct sun.


  • Hardy Perennial - sow indoors or on a seedbed (April-June); transplant later to flower for many seasons
  • Attracts Bees
  • Good in containers and pots
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Will flower well in partial sun

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All plants arrived in good order, well packaged, placed straight in their beds in greenhouse (for early crop) and now thriving.

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Harvest Chart for Strawberry Plants

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Strawberry Plants Misted Tips - Long Harvest Collection 5
Elsanta Strawberry Plants 5
Strawberry Elsanta Plants - 30 plants 5
Mammoth Vibrant - Strawberry plants 0
Strawberry Vibrant- mammoth plants with FREE Gro-bed 5
Strawberry Misted Tips Christine-Plants 0
Strawberry Misted Tips Malling Centenary -Plants 0
Strawberry Misted Tips Fenella -Plants 0
Strawberry Plants - Vibrant 0
Strawberry Vibrant -Plants 0
Strawberry Plants - Marshmello 0
Strawberry plants - Marshmello 0
Strawberry Royal Sovereign -Plants 0
Strawberry Royal Sovereign -Plants 0
Strawberry plants - Cambridge Favourite 0
Strawberry Cambridge Favourite -Plants 0
Strawberry Plants - Malwina variety 0
Strawberry Malwina 30 plants 0
Strawberry Plants - Flamenco variety 0
Strawberry Flamenco - Plants 0
Strawberry Plants - All Year Collection 0
Strawberry Plants - Space Saver Collection 0
Strawberry Plants Long Cropping Collection (5x3) 0
Strawberry Florence Bare Root x10 0
Strawberry Plants - Malling Centenary 0
Strawberry Plants - Malling Centenary 0
Strawberry Plants - Snow White 0
Strawberry Plants - Snow White 0
Strawberry Plants - Red Gauntlet 0
Strawberry Plants - Red Gauntlet 0
Strawberry Plants Heritage Collection 0
Strawberry Plants - Christine x10 0
Strawberry Plants - Christine x30 0
Strawberry Plants - Florence x30 0
Strawberry Plants - Sweet Colossus x6 0
Strawberry Plants - Mara de Bois x10 0
Strawberry Plants - Mara de Bois x30 0
Strawberry Plants Marshmelts x5 0
Strawberry Plants Marshmelts x10 0
Strawberry Plants Marshmelts x30 0
Framberry Plants x1 0
Framberry Plants x3 0
Strawberry Plants 'Scarlet Beauty' 0
Strawberry Malling - Centenary Plant x3 0
Mammoth Marshmello Strawberry Plants x6 0
Strawberry Marshmello- mammoth plants with FREE Gro-bed 0
Strawberry Plants - Malling Centenary 60 Days Cropping 0
Strawberry Plants Marshmelts x3 0
Strawberry Plants - Malling Champion x3 0
Strawberry Plants - Malling Allure x3 0

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