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Strawberry Marshmello- mammoth plants with FREE Gro-bed

Gro-Bed included worth £7.99!

  • Catalogue Code 1060-5968
  • Pack Contents: Pack of 6 bare root plants PLUS 1 Gro-Bed

Beautiful super-yielding, mammoth strawberries at under £2 for every bare-root strawberry plant which gives you two and a half punnets of delicious strawberries just from one plant.

Included is a Greenhouse Gro-Bed worth £3.99 with your 6 Strawberry Marshmello Plants! The Greenhouse Gro-Bed is the perfect partner for planting up 6 Mammoth Marshmello plants.

Think of the savings you make from having your own home-grown strawberries, saving you from the expense of punnets from the supermarket.

In three years, your 6 strawberry plants will give you 15 punnets of delicious sun-ripe strawberries. 

Plant these super-yielding, mammoth strawberry plants in pots or containers in a cold greenhouse and you can enjoy superb, sweet-flavoured fruits, from July in their first year (that's 60 days from planting) and produce two crops the following year in May to September. They're a 2 year old plant which gives 4-5 times larger crops than a 1st year plant.

Our Mammoth Marshmello Plants have enormous root systems and each one is double cold stored so that they will produce up to one kilo of fruit per plant.


  • Good in containers and pots
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Will flower well in partial sun
  • Varieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour

Growing Calendar for Strawberry Marshmello- mammoth plants with FREE Gro-bed

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Plant Outdoors

Not so good in pots, will order earlier next year


Brilliant plants and Gro-bed, see comments under customer experience


I bought these because my father-in-law used to grow them and they were the sweetest juiciest strawberries I have ever tasted. They have a lovely leaf sheen and they are flowering now so I will have fruit soon!

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Harvest Chart for Strawberry Plants

Product Rating J F M A M J J A S O N D
Strawberry Plants Misted Tips - Long Harvest Collection 5
Elsanta Strawberry Plants 5
Strawberry Elsanta Plants - 30 plants 5
Mammoth Vibrant - Strawberry plants 0
Strawberry Vibrant- mammoth plants with FREE Gro-bed 5
Strawberry Misted Tips Christine-Plants 0
Strawberry Misted Tips Malling Centenary -Plants 0
Strawberry Misted Tips Fenella -Plants 0
Strawberry Plants - Vibrant 60 days 0
Strawberry Plants - Vibrant 0
Strawberry Vibrant -Plants 0
Strawberry Plants - Marshmello 0
Strawberry plants - Marshmello 0
Strawberry Royal Sovereign -Plants 0
Strawberry Royal Sovereign -Plants 0
Strawberry plants - Cambridge Favourite 0
Strawberry Cambridge Favourite -Plants 0
Strawberry Plants - Malwina variety 0
Strawberry Malwina 30 plants 0
Strawberry Plants - Flamenco variety 0
Strawberry Flamenco - Plants 0
Strawberry Plants - All Year Collection 0
Strawberry Plants - Space Saver Collection 0
Strawberry Plants Long Cropping Collection (5x3) 0
Strawberry Florence Bare Root x10 0
Strawberry Plants - Malling Centenary 0
Strawberry Plants - Malling Centenary 0
Strawberry Plants - Snow White 0
Strawberry Plants - Snow White 0
Strawberry Plants - Red Gauntlet 0
Strawberry Plants - Red Gauntlet 0
Strawberry Plants Heritage Collection 0
Strawberry Plants - Christine x10 0
Strawberry Plants - Christine x30 0
Strawberry Plants - Florence x30 0
Strawberry Plants - Mara de Bois x10 0
Strawberry Plants - Mara de Bois x30 0
Framberry Plants x1 0
Framberry Plants x3 0
Strawberry Malling - Centenary Plant x3 0
Mammoth Marshmello Strawberry Plants x6 0
Strawberry Marshmello- mammoth plants with FREE Gro-bed 0
Strawberry Plants - Malling Centenary 60 Days Cropping 0
Strawberry Vibrant - Young Plants x3 0
Strawberry Vibrant - Young Plants x6 0
Strawberry Malling Allure x10 bare roots 0
Strawberry Malling Allure x30 bare roots 0
Strawberry Summer Breeze Rose F1 x6 Bare Roots 0
Strawberry Elsanta Plants x5 0

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