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Spring/Summer Booster Wild Bird Food - Seed Mix 12.55kg

  • Catalogue Code 80100180
  • Pack Contents: 12.55kg bag of Spring Booster
  • Every sack, delivered to your door
  • Enough bird feed for months
  • Used by bird lovers
  • Specially formulated for top ten favourite garden birds
  • Suitable for young and baby birds
  • Nine seed types to suit different beaks
  • Made in the UK
  • Ingredients cleaned and checked four times
  • Made of kibbled peanuts, sunflower hearts, white millet, red millet, nyger seeds, linseed and black rape seed, pinhead oats and oyster grit

Seed mix combining nine seed types for the beaks of garden bird favourites like chaffinches, robins and wrens. Particularly suited for young birds as ingredients are small seeds and broken up beak-size morsels.

High energy and nutritious Spring Booster is ideal for adult birds too. They need lots of energy when courting in spring, nesting and rearing families to keep fully alert to predators while making nests and collecting all day long for their family. With added oyster grit garden birds can digest the seeds easier to keep them fighting fit during this busy spring period.

Every seed and morsel within is either small enough for all birds, young and old, to consume. Free of wheat Spring Booster is less attractive to larger birds such as crows and woodpigeons, freeing your bird food up for the smaller and more vulnerable birds.

Spring/Summer Booster Wild Bird Food - Seed Mix 12.55kg 80100180

  • Ensure your feeding station is sheltered and high enough to avoid predators. 
  • Hang multiple feeders to avoid over crowding and give more birds a chance to feed. 
  • Disinfect your feeders regularly and dispose of any old or damp food. 
  • Ensure birds have a source of clean water for drinking and bathing.

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