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Spring Planting Onion Duo Pack (Stuttgarter and Red Baron)

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  • Pack Contents: One pack of each

Spring Planting Onion Sets Duo Pack.

Onion Stuttgarter Stanfield - has a great skin quality, making it an excellent choice for the home gardener. It has a sweet, smooth and very mild taste, delicious for both salads and cooking. The bulbs have a slightly flattened shape, excellent keeping qualities and are very slow to bolt.

Onion Red Baron - Produce onions with such superb results. It’s no wonder this variety grows in popularity each year! Stronger flavoured than our other onions, it stores well from September until the following April. The glossy deep crimson skins and a red rim on each onion ring, give a delightful bicolour effect in salads.


  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Varieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour

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Spring Planting Onion Duo Pack (Stuttgarter and Red Baron) 1040-6097

Prevent and Supress onion white rot

White rot is a disease that affects bulb vegetables like onion and shallots. Once you’re onion crop’s got it, it’s impossible to cure as such and you’ll need to stop growing onions in the same spot for at least eight years. You’ll recognise it at harvest time by fluffy white mould with black speckles that grows around the base of the bulbs.

Have no fear there’s a great way you can prevent it getting to your onions in the first place!

Before planting your onions plant a crop of green manure called Caliente mustard. It’s a great organic means of creating a soil environment that’s uninviting to the disease.

Caliente mustard is a known as a bio-fumigant and once it’s chopped up and dug into the soil, it releases a natural gas that repels the pathogens that cause the rot along with many other soil diseases.

Just sow a pack from any time between March and October for a quick crop before your autumn-planting-crops or sow in November to overwinter for planting crops in spring. Just before it flowers, cut it down and dig well into the soil.


That are shooting up nice


I find that a duo pack is good value for money.


Arrival and storage undertaken! We await planting when the weather allows!!

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