Sow Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas Sown in autumn will go on to produce the stockiest plants and the earliest flowers next year.

They can be sown in pots or Rootrainers now and over-wintered in a cold frame or, if you live in a mild area you can sow straight into their flowering position, but give them a bit of protection during the worst winter weather and do plant in free-draining soil as they do not like wet, soggy feet.

When sowing, some gardeners soak the seeds overnight to soften the hard coat and trigger the germination process. Some also chip the hard coat slightly which also triggers the germination process.

You can sow two seeds per station and remove the weaker seedling once they germinate.

Label with name of variety and date, once you’ve sown seeds.

Try to protect from mice too as they enjoy snacking on a few pea seeds in the autumn!