Sow Salads, Peas & Beans

Sowing of outdoor crops can really begin in earnest now but if it happens to be cold and wet in your part of the country delay sowing until the weather is more clement.  Mangetout and Sugar Snap Peas can be sown outside now as well as Kale, Sprouting Broccoli, Summer Cabbage, Carrots, Beetroot, Runner Beans, French Beans and many more.

Keep sowing short rows of Lettuce and cut and come again Salad Leaves every couple of weeks to ensure a continuous supply throughout the summer, these can be inter-planted between slower growing plants like brassicas to maximise space.

As you plant your Brassica Plants protect them against cabbage root fly with Brassica Collars to prevent the fly laying her eggs close to the stem of your plants, where maggots will emerge after about 6 days and begin feeding on the roots before tunnelling up the main stem causing the plant to collapse.

Net Tunnel or Insect Mesh to create a complete barrier against all insects.