Sow Green Manure

You may wish to consider growing Green Manures if you have any empty vegetable beds after harvesting. These will suppress weeds, protect soil from loss of nutrients and add structure. You will need to weed and rake your cleared beds and sow.

These plants grow relatively quickly. Some may well be killed by frost, but, if left in the ground they will continue to protect the soil. Dig in before they run to seed, 2 to 3 weeks before replanting them in the spring. This will allow the breakdown of plant materials into humus which will release nutrients slowly over the growing period. MustardPhacelia and Field Beans can also be sown at this time.

As well as being a green manure, Caliente Mustards is also a biofumigant for soil and suppresses soil borne pests and diseases by releasing naturally occurring compounds. This can be sown in late summer for a quick crop or in autumn to winter in milder areas. It can also be grown in spring. For further details, see our video growing guide.