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Soil Moisture Meter

  • Catalogue Code 1090-5769
  • Pack Contents: 1x Moisture Meter
  • Great for houseplants and home-grown crops
  • Stops under- and overwatering
  • Batteries not needed
  • Useful for lawn care 

Check the moisture level of your soil beds or container soil quickly and easily by placing this moisture gage in the soil and reading the meter. Colour-coded you’ll get a good idea if the soil is dry, moist or wet so you can act accordingly and get your plants to full health.

With meter-reading instructions on the reverse of your pack you’ll know if the plants in your soil need watering or not. The red zone shows that your soil is dry and perfect for cacti and succulents. Simply mist-spray these plants daily. Most plants are happy in soil that is moist (and in the green zone). Water if the soil is proving dry and leave if the soil is wet.

The only plants that will be happy in wet high-moisture soil (blue zone) are pond plants and moisture-loving plants like lilies, hostas and willow trees.

Useful Tip:

We suggest that you insert the probe into the soil root zone and wait for 60-90 seconds. Remove the soil moisture meter and read the scale, taking action if necessary. Wipe the probe clean and dry. Keep the meter somewhere cool and dry when not in use. Don’t keep it in soil over an extended period of time.

H:28cm / 11.5in

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