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Slug Barrier

  • Catalogue Code 1090-7072
  • Pack Contents: 1x kit
  • Keeps slugs and snails away
  • Organic
  • Easy to put up

Make your vegetable plot a slug-free zone with this effective organic slug barrier.

Protect your outdoor plot from destructive slugs and snails, which can strip your crops down to the ground overnight, with this Slug Barrier 'Fence' that does the trick. With copper oxide material which slugs hate, this barrier makes it virtually impossible for these pests to move.

The pegs included allow you to pin the barrier down into the soil and keep the barrier in place so it doesn’t blow away in the wind and rain – when slugs will be most at large.

This gives you a sound mind that you can grow your favourite soft fruit and vegetables unimpeded in the allotment and expect full flowers, luscious leaves and big yields of your favourite home-grown crops.

Includes eight metres (26 foot) of copper-oxide fencing and eight pegs for securing around your prize crops.

Please Note: Stop sign is not included


The delivery is fine. But I think I have SAS slugs in my garden and nothing fases them. They must throw a twig across anything I put down to get to the plants


It doesn't work. The Slugs climb over it.


I have healthy not munched on Hostas without killing the slugs my visiting hedgehogs love to eat

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