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Shallot Sets - Hative de Noirt x15

  • Catalogue Code 1040-6080
  • Pack Contents: 15 sets

Autumn-planting variety, exhibition-worthy and prized as a rare and high-quality shallot. It shows good uniformity so individual shallots will be ready to harvest at the same time and give equally excellent flavour.

Storing well, these shiny brown-skinned bulbs are great to save for over the rest of the year. This variety is great chopped and lightly fried; its delicate flavour makes it a fantastic accompaniment to fish or pasta sauces.

In September to November plant sets pointy side up straight into the soil outdoors at 7-10cm (3-4in) intervals in a row, and space rows at 30cm (12in) apart in an open, sunny site in fertile soil that is well-draining yet moisture retentive.

Incorporating bulky compost into the soil in the spring before will achieve this by upping its fertility levels and creating a good soil texture, without it being too rich.

Apply bulky compost earlier in the season to planting- this will increase the fertility of the soil without it being too rich which would be the case if freshly incorporated compost is added.

In spring, you can boost post-winter growth by apply a seaweed-enhanced feed, rich in phosphorous for stimulated root growth to encourage full and flavoursome bulbs.

Water at planting in autumn and reduce watering overwinter. In spring water lightly as the weather warms but stop again once the bulbs are actively swelling.

A well-textured soil with incorporated bulky compost will hold on to enough moisture to see the crop through the overwintering and growing season.


  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Recommended for Exhibition growing

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Didn't receive what was ordered. Sent Banana Shallot sets, reason given was supplier error. I was a bit surprised they failed to notice suppliers mistake and sent out the incorrect sets. The situation was resolved satisfactory when Marshalls Seeds reimbursed me and told me to keep the Banana Shallot sets.

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