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September and October Indoor Sowing Seed Collection

  • Catalogue Code 1020-2680
  • Pack Contents: 10 packet of seeds

Here’s a great collection of seeds which can be sown indoors in a cool greenhouse or conservatory for delicious winter salads. Ideally suited to fill in space in the greenhouse now that you are clearing out those summer crops.

Sow in containers or direct in the border within the greenhouse and you’ll be picking salads in as little as 5 weeks, dependant upon variety.

During extreme winter weather plants may benefit from a fleece blanket held over the crop and avoid watering too much to keep the plants – on the dry side.

Ventilate your greenhouse on warm days to allow ‘a good breeze’ to blow through which reduces risk of disease.

Ensure the greenhouse glass is clear of any debris to allow maximum winter light penetration. 

This Collection includes:

Lettuce Winter Density - solid hearted butterhead lettuce

Radish Purple Plum- quick cropping beauty.

Provencale Salad Mix - superb mix of 4 cut-and-come again salad leaves

Carrot Primo - Great taste and uniform colour and the texture is a perfect balance between crispness and tenderness.

Lambs Lettuce Trophy - High yields of hardy tasty leaves

Mizuna Kyoto – Quick growing and hardy. For salads and stir-fries.

Rocket Voyager – A slow selection of wild rocket, with punchy flavour.

Spinach Amazon – Excellent for tender baby salad leaves.

Oriental Mustard Mix - Five zingy varieties for stir fries and salads.

Spring Onion White Lisbon - Versatile bunching exclusive spring onion for salads and stir-fries. Early-harvesting and hardy variety with a delicious taste and dark green leaves.

*Please note some of the packets may only have ‘Sow Outdoors’ on the label as this is the usual way to sow these varieties. However we have chosen these varieties as they are suitable for sowing indoors as described above.

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Sow Indoors

Easy to follow instructions. High yield.


Good Compost wouldn't have bought the feeders but happy to try them since they were inclusive.


all sown and germinating in a polytunnel - look promising

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