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  • Courgette & Leek Soup


    Courgette & Leek Soup

    Low in fat and lighter than the more traditional leek & potato version. Serve with rustic bread for a warming lunch

  • Courgette Loaf


    Courgette Loaf

    A moist textured cake, delicious spread with creamy butter and a lunch pack favourite of Marion and Paul at La Coumeto, in the pretty village of Bouisse when they prepare packed lunches for their walking groups.

  • Mushroom Pate


    Mushroom Pate

    Create a delicious pate, excellent when served with french bread as a starter.

  • Mixed Seed Rolls


    Mixed Seed Rolls

    A deliciously nutty flavour, perfect for any occasion - breakfast, lunch or dinner. I adore the convenience of rolls which can be popped into the freezer then defrosted as required, though this recipe also makes an equally fantastic loaf.

  • Purple Basil & Rocket Pesto


    Purple Basil & Rocket Pesto

    Intensely flavoured with a wonderful rich reddish-purple colour, purple basil, combined with rocket, produces a really gutsy flavoured pesto.

Articles 1-5 of 54 found