Raspberry Offers

Our Raspberry Canes are ready to plant straight outside when they arrive and will remain productive for 8-12 years, cropping for up to six weeks during summer.

A punnet of raspberries from the supermarket is possibly one of the most expensive fruits you can buy. Luckily, 12 When establish Raspberry Canes will typically produce up to 50 punnets of raspberries, each weighing up to 1lb; saving you a fortune and giving you the freshest fruits possible!

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Raspberry Offers
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Glen AmpleJoan JMalling Minerva

Raspberry Continuity Collection - Regular Canes

Juicy and succulent from June until October. ... More

Pack Quantity: 18x Raspberry Canes, 6x of Each Variety


Cascade DelightTadmorPolka

Raspberry - Long Cropping Collection x6

Long harvesting period every year ... More

Pack Quantity: 6x Bare Root Canes, 2x of Each Variety


Autumn BlissAll GoldPolka

Award Winning Raspberry Collection x6 Canes

Raspberries until the first frost! ... More

Pack Quantity: 6 regular canes (2 canes of each variety)


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Products 1-3 of 3 shown
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