Raised Beds & Accessories

With modern gardens getting smaller and growing space at a premium raised vegetable beds can be an invaluable asset to the vegetable gardener.

Raised beds are relatively easy to construct and create the perfect environment for you to grow veg or flowers. You'll find cold frames, grow-houses and accessories for your raised beds in this section too! 

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Raised Beds & Accessories
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  • Rake Fallen Leaves

    When you rake up all those dead leaves add them to the compost heap or put them in black bags.

  • Garden Tool Maintenance

    Get yours in tip top condition before spring.

  • Protect Plants for Frost

    Watch the weather forecast and if a very sharp frost is forecast give your cold frame some extra insulation.

  • Sow Winter Salad

    If you have a cold frame or greenhouse make full use of it by sowing salad crops to over-winter.

  • Tidy the Greenhouse

    Remove any dirty pots and clear up rubbish and old compost as all these can harbour pests and diseases.

  • Sow Winter Hardy Peas & Beans

    There is still enough time to sow Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia and Pea Douce Provence.