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Purple Sweet Potato Molokai x5 Slips

  • Catalogue Code 1080-6079
  • Pack Contents: 5x Sweet Potato Slips

Be the first to grow this purple sweet potato in the UK. Originating from Hawaii you’ll get that exotic flavour when you add this nutritious yam-like carbohydrate to your meals. A mid-season variety harvest extra-long sweet potatoes easy to peel and cut from August and into September.

Enjoy the summer sun harvesting these generous-sized and extra nutritious sweet potatoes. Much higher in antioxidants that the orange-fleshed types, this variety is truly age-defying as part of a healthy diet.

Enjoy the sweet, creamy flesh that has a slight nutty flavour when you mash it, boil it or steam it. So versatile and delicious.

Plant sweet potato Purple Molokai up in a sunny site in spring in rich soil to cover the roots of the slips only. Plant next to a wall so the stems have something to climb up, and space these slips 18in (45cm) apart to give the plants room to grow well.

Water daily throughout the growing season and tie the stems to nearby supports as they grow, either up a trellis or up bamboo canes. 

Just grow them on in a sunny position and they’ll reward you with handsome harvests in late summer.

How your plants arrive

These plants arrive to you as 5 slips around 8in (20cm)in length. A ‘slip’ is the name given to sweet potato plants when they are young healthy little shoots with a bundle of roots attached. They are itching to get growing into large and productive plants once planted.

These slips arrive to you in plastic bags in an envelope. The plastic bag keeps the air environment around the slips nice and humid which is really healthy for plants at this stage. 

As soon as the slips arrive immerse them in a glass of water so that ¾ of the stem is submerged; leave them for up to a to a week to revive and firm up ready for potting on.


  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Will flower well in partial sun

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Plant Outdoors

Purple Sweet Potato Molokai x5 Slips 1080-6079

On arrival the slips may look withered. Do NOT worry!

Pop your slips into a jar of water so all the stem is covered up to the leaves, placing in a light warm room. Leave them in this state for at least a week until roots have started to form from the base of the stems. Add fresh water daily in order to keep the slips healthy and stop the water from turning sour.

Once the roots have developed, carefully plant the whole slip individually. Mostly fill a 9cm pot and lightly firm the compost before curling the stem around the pot and placing on compost surface, topping with compost so that the stem is covered leaving just the base of the leaves protruding. Water and keep warm. Allow the plants to establish root systems within the pots before planting on into their final container this typically takes around 3 weeks.

Sweet Potatoes require high temperatures and plenty of space to produce good yields. In the UK they are best planted in poly tunnels or greenhouses, however in a warm sheltered outdoor spot they can thrive. In order to increase the productivity of the plants try covering the beds in black polythene and planting through in order to increase temperature, or planting in black 30cm containers. Fleece and Cloches can also help.

Sweet Potatoes prefer full sun on well-draining fertile soil. Plant 30cm (12”) apart and leave at least 75cm (30”) between rows. Alternatively they can be grown in containers or patio grow bags.

Water regularly and feed every few weeks with a multi-purpose fertilizer. Sweet Potatoes are vigorous with sprawling stems that can be tied onto a trellis or strings if desired.

Approximately 12-16 weeks after planting, the foliage will start to turn yellow and die back… now it is time to start harvesting. The tubers can be left in the ground longer if you desire larger potatoes.

Ensure that all tubers are lifted before the first frosts.


We have only just planted them.


Extremely vigorous and easy to propagate, I would recommend removing all of the leaves once the cuttings have rooted (two days in an unheated greenhouse) which causes new shoots to emerge along the whole length of the cutting. Either leave them to grow into bushy productive plants or take as many more cuttings as required to fill a greenhouse bed/planter.


ordered 20 slips, 3 different varieties, received 30 slips, followed all the instructions but none of them survived. zero, null, nada. very very disappointed. :-((((

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