Prepare Your Raised Beds

If you are thinking of using Raised Beds for growing your veg, begin planning now while there is plenty of time to build them, you can fill them with all the lovely Compost you have been making over the last year!

There is no need to go to the expense of filling the beds right up with bought compost, this is expensive and - unless your garden soil is really poor - unnecessary.

The level will increase and the structure improve year on year as you empty your own compost onto the beds and the worms get to work.

Using spent compost from grow bags, patio pots and hanging baskets will all add bulk and improve the quality and structure of the soil within your beds. And the very fact that you don’t need to walk on the soil with Raised Bed gardening will help prevent compaction and keep the structure well aerated.

For a very simple structure indeed, try our fully collapsible, foldaway Gro-Beds. They can be used in Greenhouses, on the patio or even on balconies!