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Pre-Planting Onion, Garlic & Leek Fertiliser

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4042
  • Pack Contents: 1x 900g Tub

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Concentrated Pre-Planting Garlic Fertiliser

Specially formulated for garlic and other alliums, this concentrated, slow release fertiliser is high in trace elements. This ensures strong bulb development and growth, early ripening and maturity, good skin and bulb firmness – as well as great pungency and flavour!

Supplied in a handy resealable tub with integral dispenser, simply shake over the ground and rake in prior to planting.

NPK:12:11:18, with trace elements (nitrogen, nitrate, phosphorous, sulphur, copper and calcium).


Ask me next year when the onion sets , garlic etc are harvested


as a allotment holder I am very pleased with all seed s sent this year and have a excellent crop of produce. I have had failure with strawberry plants sent ,as they did not crop at all,that was dissapointing


Cant make a comment yet as not used it before

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