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Plant Growing Halo x3

  • Catalogue Code 1090-9771
  • Pack Contents: 3 Growpots
  • Easy feeding and watering 
  • Great value three-pack
  • Improved water spike technology
  • Uses 30% less water consumption than standard watering

The plant growing hallo is the UK’s best selling tomato accessory and now with the new improvements it is even better than before.

It features the latest watering spike technology and separated watering and feeding system which means less spillage and 30% less water consumption, resulting in a stronger and healthier plant and an increase in yields by up to 40% compared to conventionally-grown tomatoes.

The new and improved water-spike technology of these plant growing halos gets through the new generation of grow bags, with their stronger plastic.

The new watering spikes of the halo allow for optimum moisture within the grow bag.


I started using these last year in my poly tunnel with great results so I have purchased more.


I have used the older design for several years and been very satisfied, however the new design does seem to be an improvement as the water filters into the growbag at a slower rate, this allows better assesment of the amount applied.


Growpots for tomato plants and I've also put cucumbers in them .. just to give you a tip because I found pushing the spikes into the growbags a bit difficult BUT I CAME UP WITH A GOOD IDEA BY PLACING THE GROWPOT ON THE GROWBAGS IN THE RIGHT POSITION THEN BY PUSHING A SCREWDRIVER OR SIMILAR INTO THE SPIKES TO MAKE IT EASIER TO MAKE A HOLE INTO THE GROWBAGS SO YOU CAN PUSH THE GROWPOTS DOWN IN THE BAG

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