Plant Fruit Trees & Bushes by April

In the fruit garden finish planting trees and bushes by the middle of the month. Prune out old wood on established Morello Cherries and Apricots.

Blueberries do not need pruning in the first two or three years apart from keeping the plant tidy. When pruning established plants, take out any dead, dying or diseased wood and remove one or two of the oldest canes to the base each year.

By removing the old stems that don't produce much fruit you encourage younger, more productive stems. Plant out Strawberry Runners and cover existing Strawberries with Cloches or Fleece for an earlier crop. Re-train and tidy up Blackberry and Hybrid Berry canes before the buds begin to burst.

Apply fertiliser such as Marshalls Organic Extra – a super-concentrated farmyard manure which releases nutrients to the soil over a long period, boosting healthy growth - to trees and bushes if not already done in February and apply a mulch of Compost around the base of young Fruit Trees, bushes and canes to conserve moisture and retain nutrients.

Protect Apricot, Nectarine and Peach blossom from frost with Fleece or a polythene frame – but leave the ends open so bees can find the blossom!