Plant Chitted Early Potatoes

Plant chitted early potatoes from the middle of the month if the weather is fine and the soil has begun to warm up in your area.

Add a light sprinkling of Potato Fertiliser or Organic Extra to your trench before you begin to plant in order to encourage increased yields. Lady Crystl, Foremost and Arran Pilot are among the range of First Earlies.

If you are not sure which variety is best for you could try the Potato Taster Pack which contains 3x 5 tuber packs. Varieties that are included are Salad, First Early and a Second Early.

When planting, handle potato tubers carefully so you don’t damage the shoots, and plant with shoots uppermost.

Cover with soil and as soon as the new growth appears begin to earth up, covering the emerging shoots as they grow until they are just covered each time.

Keep mounding up in this way until you have a good ridge and there is no more chance of a frost to damage the new leaves.

You could cover them with fleece to keep them warm and help give them a good start especially if the weather is still rather cold in your area.