Plan Your Veg Plot

A little planning goes a long way in ensuring a productive and enjoyable vegetable garden!

It’s a great time to start planning your upcoming growing season, the ground may be frozen but it’s a great opportunity to prepare your seed and plant orders for this upcoming year!

A little task which often gets over looked is cleaning your Gardening Tools, including pots and seed trays to help prevent diseases or viruses from the previous year affecting this year’s seedlings - a natural disinfectant like Citrox is ideal.

January for me means I get my pencil and paper out and draw a rough diagram of my allotment beds, marking out what and where things will be going, making sure I have good crop rotation from previous years, view our Crop Rotation Blog for more information.

Remember: keep a log of planting dates and varieties, as well as your successes and failures – this helps you gain experience of how and what grows well in your garden.