Pick Strawberries When Ripe

The Soft Fruit garden comes into its own in July with plants loaded with fruit all getting fat and juicy and beginning to ripen - especially Strawberries – fruit grown in season and ripened naturally in the sun just cannot be beaten.

Strawberries available all year round in supermarkets are hard, tasteless and just do not have that old-fashioned flavour and lusciousness that you get with home-grown varieties picked and eaten straight from the plant with the warm juices oozing with every lovely bite!

Many Raspberry varieties will be ripening now too. It is important to check your Soft Fruit regularly and pick your fruit as soon as it is ripe, I am sure your neighbour wouldn't mind helping you out with the odd bowl of Strawberries if you have too many!

Avoid leaving over-ripe fruit on the plants as they will begin to rot and allow grey mould to set in. It may be necessary to net the plants if you don't want to share your fruit with the birds! If you are going on holiday this month, remember to ask someone to keep harvesting your fruit and watering the plants if necessary.