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Peckish Ready-to-Use Winter Warmer Seed Mix Feeder

  • Catalogue Code 60053040
  • Pack Contents: 1x ready to use seed feeder

Re-fillable bird-feeder already filled – so simple;

  • Hook onto a branch
  • Watch beautiful birds come back again and again
  • Re-fill with more seed

When the seeds mix is over, simply twist off the lid and refill with your favourite seeds to attract the beautiful birds you want into your garden all year round.

This durable feeder has two opposite ledges so multiple birds can feed at once. This means they are less likely to show aggressive behaviour. Plus you're more likely to get more lovely birds revisiting your garden, giving you the satisfaction you are helping to keep these birds alive in the cold winter.

Expect the following lovely birds to come to your Peckish Ready-to-Use Winter Warmer Seed Mix and Feeder;

Robin, house sparrow, goldfinches, bullfinches, blue tits, coal tits, great tits, dunnocks, chaffinches and greenfinches

An easy-use pre-filled feeder already full of a unique blend of 9 high-energy seeds and nuts. The mix contains up to 20% oil which is essential for the bloodstream, feather, beak and bone health of garden birds, great and small to see them through winter.

Winter Warmer Mix contains Calvita® vitamins and nutrient blend;

Calcium - bone and feather growth to keep birds well-developed and likely to come back to your feeder.

Carotenoid - develops feather colour- making your birds even more attractive and beautiful.

Vitamin A, D E and Biotin - helps overall health and development and best protection against cold winter.

Peckish Ready-to-Use Winter Warmer Seed Mix Feeder 60053040

How to use for the first time

Turn feeder upside down, unscrew the base and take out the white seal tab. Replace the feeding base, turn the feeder back over, pull out the retractable perches and remove the outer-label so the birds can see the seeds.

How to re-fill

Once empty, unscrew and remove the lid and pour seeds into the top. Ensure lid is secured back in place.

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