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Peckish All Season Suet Cakes x10

  • Catalogue Code 2500217
  • Pack Contents: 10x Suet Cakes
  • Box illustrated and with helpful tip guide on feeding
  • 10 quality cakes
  • Robust 90 x90cm suet cakes packed with seeds 

10 square suet cakes packed full of nutritious seeds all held together with natural beef fat gives the garden birds you love a good hit of slow-release energy to see them through adverse weather in the winter.

Full of small seeds dari, maize, millet with sunflower hearts, oats, oatmeal and peanut pieces these cakes suit those beaks in the garden from birds that help to keep garden pests down in the spring.

Every cake is laced with Calvita Vitamin Mix which gives birds their daily requirements of calcium, carotenoids and vitamins A, D and E.

Your suet cakes are husk-free so you don’t come across the mess of empty seed cases and the cakes are 100% edible to your birds so you get more for your money.

Dimensions: 10cm x 9cm x 9cm cakes.

Cakes 10cm x 10cm

great value attract lots of birds to tables


Normally buy these from my local garden centre but these were cheaper.

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