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Osteospermum Sunset Shades Plants

  • Catalogue Code 5112-4172
  • Pack Contents: 24 Large Plug Plants
  • Brings in pollinating bees
  • Adds uplifting colour to your home
  • Animated flowers move in the sun

Sunset Shades are the must-have flower collection to add to your garden or vegetable plot in the summer, with its large and colourful daisy-like flowers in red and a orange blooming profusely and lasting throughout the season. These hot-coloured flowers bring in pollinating bees too which stick around to pollinate flowering vegetables like peas.

Watch the flowers move in the sun - the flower heads turn to face the light, close once it’s dark and open again at dawn the following day. Fascinating feats of nature at work with this flower.

We give you 24 plants which is more than enough to plant in the centre of up to 10 pots surrounded by other bedding or at the front of flower beds up to around 5m (16ft) long.

Each of your flowers arrives to you as young plants containing a ‘plug’ of soil with roots running through them and some small green stems and leaves.

We recommend you grow in pots with compost suitable for bedding to ensure the plants have the best soil to grow and thrive in. If you grow them in flower beds mix some compost in with the existing soil to give your flowers the best growing medium possible.


  • Good in containers and pots
  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun

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