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Organic Extra Farmyard Manure - SAVE £35.90!
Our exclusive super-concentrated fertiliser is light and easy to use. It contains essential trace elements and minerals to boost healthy growth and encourage bumper crops. Its organic fertiliser is released to plants over a long period and as it is concentrated you only need a couple of handfuls per square metre (square yard). Unlike fresh manure or chemical fertilisers, you can rest assured it won't scorch your plants.

1 x 22ltr tub covers 270 sq. yds!

Benefits of Organic Extra:

  •   Composted ready for use - no weeds

  •   Rich in Plant Foods - with extra trace elements from seaweed

  •   Easy to use - Free flowing, moist fibrous formulation

  •   Safe for all plants - vegetables, fruits, roses etc

  •   Adds humus - improves soil structure, encourages healthy micro-organisms

For orders of 2 bags or more - please contact customers services for delivery rates as additional charges may apply.

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Organic Extra Fertiliser 2x 44ltr - twin sack pack

Organic Extra Fertiliser 2x 44ltr - twin sack pack


Pack Quantity: 2x 44ltr Sacks


Organic Extra Fertiliser - 44ltr Sack

Organic Extra Fertiliser - 44ltr Sack

Super-value pack ... More

Pack Quantity: 1 x 44ltr Sack


Organic Extra 11kg

Organic Extra 11kg

Marshalls Exclusive! ... More

Pack Quantity: 1x 11kg Bucket


Remin Volcanic Rockdust 10kg

Remin Volcanic Rockdust 10kg

Easy-to apply soil conditioner ... More

Pack Quantity: 1x 10kg bag


Products 1-4 of 4 shown
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  • How to use Organic ExtraHow to use Organic Extra

    Organic Extra is a concentrated organic manure that will provide the nutrients your plants need – all over the garden

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