Order Autumn Planting Garlic & Onions

It's not too early to think about Autumn Planting Onions Shallots and Garlic to make sure you can get your first choice of varieties for the earliest crops next year.

Onion Sets root quickly in the warm damp soil in the autumn and should make a good size before winter. Autumn Planted Garlic likes a period of cold weather which helps to initiate the side buds which will eventually swell to form the cloves.

If you haven't already lifted your onion crop it should be ready for harvesting now. Once the leaves have fallen over and are beginning to die down, lift the bulbs with a Fork and leave them on the surface of the ground for a few days before cleaning most of the soil from the base and laying out on a wire tray or rack for several weeks to dry thoroughly.

Make sure that the neck of the bulb is thoroughly dry as this will help give a longer storage life. Once lifted if the weather is wet lay the bulbs on a Greenhouse bench with plenty of air flow or in a dry shed or garage.