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Orchard Garden Tree Collection 1x4

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  • Catalogue Code 1070-5659
  • Pack Contents: 4 trees, 1 tree of each listed

A fruit tree collection comprising of 4 trees, 1 tree each of:

Apple Braeburn - Apple Braeburn is an improved, superior selection with good colour and flavour. The aromatic fruit is sweet, crisp and juicy with excellent all round quality. Self-fertile too!

Grows in a wide range of soils and consistently gives the heaviest crops and best fruit size.

Keeps its super crisp texture in storage and eats well into March and April.

Rootstock: M26

Flowering Group: FG4

Years until fruiting from planting: 2

Age of tree at despatch: 2

Height at full growth: 3m/10ft

Cherry Stella - There are a number of different choices of self-fertile cherry varieties, but if you are looking to grow just one cherry tree that Stella is the variety for you. A reliable cropper Cherry Stella in our opinion has rightfully earned its reputation as the perfect home garden cherry tree.

You can expect Stella to offer you thick fleshy dark fruit, producing a strong taste with the sweetest flavour. Stella can be enjoyed in the summer months as you will harvest from July to August.

Gardeners love Stella not only for its fruit, but also because it offers a wonderful floral display. Full of snowy white blossom adding real character to your garden.

Stella is a very good pollinator for other cherries that you may have in your garden, many other cherries require a good pollinator around them to grow efficiently. 

Rootstock: Colt

Flowering Group: FG4

Years until fruiting from planting: 2-4

Age of tree at despatch: 2

Height at full growth: 3m/10ft 

 Pear Beurre Hardy - Pear Beurre Hardy is one of the most outstanding dessert pears, it has a very distinctive flavour. The variety is designed to be much harder than the standard Beurre Hardy which needs sheltering. Like all pears it is definitely worth growing even if you don’t have a taste for pears.

This pear is very ornamental when in flower and all the branches are covered with white blossom. The leaves turn to a bright red colour in the autumn. The variety is compact but may require pruning depending on the space that you have where you have planted it.

The delicious flesh has a fragrant, aromatic, almost rosy scent and is just full of juice. The fruit should be picked whilst still hard in the middle of September and then left to ripen in storage. 

Rootstock: Quince A

Flowering Group: FG3

Years until fruiting from planting: 2-4

Age of tree at despatch: 2

Height at full growth: 4m/13ft 

Plum Victoria - A popular English plum variety, their popularity comes from them producing a reliably heavy crop of superbly sweet, juicy versatile plums; perfect for pies, puddings jams or eating fresh from the tree.

Our fruit trees are expertly trained so they have strong main branches, ready to fruit heavily once planted and well-established. Our varieties are specially grafted onto roots that keep trees smaller for easier harvests, while maintaining impressive yields.

This popular and tasty variety is self-fertile (SF) so it flowers and fruits independently. They produce fruit, even when planted in isolation.

Semi Dwarfing Rootstock, requires Summer Pruning to maintain compact habit. The most popular Plum on your patio. Harvest the fruit early for a fantastic culinary plum or leave to fully ripen for a great tasting dessert plum. 

Rootstock: St Julian A

Flowering Group: FG3

Years until fruiting from planting: 2-4 

Age of tree at despatch: 1

Height at full growth: 4m/13ft


  • Attracts Bees
  • Will flower well in full sun

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