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Onion Set Collection Heat Prepared - Free Fertiliser

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  • Catalogue Code 1040-6018
  • Pack Contents: 225 Onion Sets / Approx. 75 Sets of Each Variety

Every heat-prepared onion grows into a tasty flavoursome mature onion, and works out at under 5p in this fantastic collection. Think of the savings you make by having your own onions, rather than paying at the supermarket.

This fantastic heat prepared Onion Collection has been specifically heat-treated to minimise bolting so you need not worry about your onion plants producing flowers and seeds, instead of a big bulb.

Heat preparation will also extend the growth period of the onions so that much greater yields can be achieved.

Our Heat Prepared Collection includes 1 pack each of:

Marshalls Fen Early  - A truly superb onion which produces one of the earliest crops from a spring planting.The bulbs will keep much better than other early types – right through until the end of winter. The sets have undergone a partial heat preparation to improve performance and prevent bolting.

Marshalls Red Fen A clear winner in our trials, Red Fen’s performance was excellent. It has a round shape and a deep-red colour with a good flavour. It stores well and because it is heat prepared is more resistant to bolting

Rumba - A top performing main crop variety that’s ideally suited to growing in the UK. It produces high yields of large, uniform, round onions with a sweet flavour, making it ideal for eating raw in salads as well as cooking. Good thick skin and quality flesh makes this a good variety for long-term storing.

Plus FREE Onion, Garlic & Shallot Fertiliser worth £6.95.

Sets (the onions you plant into the ground) will be released from the preparation rooms just as soon as they are ready for planting.

How you receive your onions

Your onion sets arrive to you in mesh bags so the individual sets are kept nicely together while air can get to them freely. This keeps them in the best condition they can be when they arrive to you.

Can't plant straight away?

Onion sets store really well given the right conditions. All you need to do is make sure they are kept in their mesh bags and hung up in a cool, dry place with good air circulation.

A semi-heated or connected garage or a loft is perfect. Look to planting your sets within two weeks.

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Sow Outdoors

Onion Set Collection Heat Prepared - Free Fertiliser 1040-6018

Prevent and Supress onion white rot

White rot is a disease that affects bulb vegetables like onion and shallots. Once you’re onion crop’s got it, it’s impossible to cure as such and you’ll need to stop growing onions in the same spot for at least eight years. You’ll recognise it at harvest time by fluffy white mould with black speckles that grows around the base of the bulbs.

Have no fear there’s a great way you can prevent it getting to your onions in the first place!

Before planting your onions plant a crop of green manure called Caliente mustard. It’s a great organic means of creating a soil environment that’s uninviting to the disease.

Caliente mustard is a known as a bio-fumigant and once it’s chopped up and dug into the soil, it releases a natural gas that repels the pathogens that cause the rot along with many other soil diseases.

Just sow a pack from any time between March and October for a quick crop before your autumn-planting-crops or sow in November to overwinter for planting crops in spring. Just before it flowers, cut it down and dig well into the soil.

Caliente Mustard single packs can be purchased here.

Caliente Mustard double packs can be purchased here. 


They have taken well in garden no problems with them


Onion sets taking too long to sprout compared with other allotment holders who put theirs in the same time.


Great results every time would highly recommend

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