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Onion Seeds - Isobel Rose

  • Catalogue Code 1020-2293
  • Pack Contents: 300 Seeds

Onion Isobel Rose is certainly worth getting excited about. A pink onion which grows well in most soils. Perfect for refreshing summer salads with its distinctive flavour and beautiful pink and white concentric internal rings.

Choose a sunny spot and watch these onion plants put up healthy and tidy silvery leaves over the growing season.

Harvest the lovely bulbous pink onions when the leaves start to droop. The magic arrives when you cut into the bulbs and see the alternate pink and white rings. A sight to fascinate over and then a lovely flavour to follow.

We recommend you sow onion seeds in rows outdoors in March or April. Simply mark out a shallow furrow with your finger along the row. Sprinkle seeds along the row continually but thinly. Cover the seeds with soil and water.

Once the seeds germinate keep watering daily. When the seedlings have about four leaves, remove all seedlings except one to grow on every 10cm (4in).

Keep well-watered as soon as the seeds germinate and you’ll put your onion plants in good stead. Keep up the watering and weeding around them through the summer and then enjoy the lovely pink bulbs at harvest time.

How your seeds arrive

Your Onion Isobel Rose variety arrives to you as a well-sealed packet of 300 seeds with variety and cultural information on the front and the back of the packet.

This includes the best sowing time, benefits of growing the variety, harvests time, top tips and other handy bits of information to help you to grow your crop successfully and enjoyably.

Can’t plant straight away?

If you need to wait until the advised time of sowing which is given on the packet check the ‘Best Before’ date given on the packet and keep the packet in a dry and cool place like a drawer in an unheated room or garage.


  • Will flower well in full sun

Growing Calendar for Onion Seeds - Isobel Rose

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really great onion seeds .keep well last all winter into the spring.


Good germination just repotted


Purchased for 2019 season.

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