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Nemesia Poetry - Plants

  • Catalogue Code 5112-4043
  • Pack Contents: 24 Large Nemesia Plug Plants
  • Spicy scent
  • Long-lasting flowering season
  • Brings in beneficial bees

Get hold of half-hardy annual Nemesia Poetry for your home and garden for the most charming of colour. This half-hardy annual offers lovely colour to the garden from as early as June and lasts all summer long and often into October and November should you deadhead individual withered flowers daily. With masses of little blue-purple flowers, spicily-scented Poetry is a sight and a scent to behold.

You receive 24 young plants in every pack which has the potential to fill around eight containers or baskets or two 4m (13ft) rows if you grow them in an allotment situation for charming colour and to bring in pollinators like bees which stick around to pollinate fruiting crops like strawberries and tomatoes.

We recommend you deadhead Nemesia Poetry regularly to keep your flower displays looking full and vibrant. Simply pick off the flowers that have withered and more lovely buds will take their place for further blooms and a longer-lasting display.



  • F1 Hybrids are crossed varieties that are exceptionally vigorous and longer lasting
  • Good in containers and pots
  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Will flower well in partial sun

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excellent quality plants, very healthy


Plants in good condition and ready for planting on


the plants were well packed on arrival, and very strong, doing well and are spreading through the pots (apart from the few that were sabotaged by the local wildlife) and even they are picking up after replanting.

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