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Nemasys Vine Weevil Control (100sq.m Pack)

  • Catalogue Code 1090-3821
  • Pack Contents: 1x 100sq.m Pack

Keeps plants free from larvae!

Vine Weevil have become more prevalent in recent years and can devastate expensive container plants.

Vine Weevil Larvae are the real problem, attacking plant root systems from late summer until the following spring. The larvae over-winter - attack the roots - then emerge as adults in late spring / summer. Adults lay eggs in the root-balls of plants - which then hatch and feed before repeating the whole process again.

By using Nemasys twice a year - in the spring and again in autumn (to control larvae resulting from eggs laid in the summer) you can maintain healthy plants free from the damaging larvae.


Please note: The ground temperature needs to be above 5 degrees for the predatory nematodes to be active.

When you receive your pack of Nemasys, place it in the refrigerator immediately and use within the use by date (which can be up to four weeks).


i think that by using nemasys vine weevil control is better for the garden than chemicals in your garden


I knew nothing about the simplicity of the nematode treatment and how it worked. My garden is full of birds looking for food, carrying to their nestlings at present, and I am so pleased I did not use the old method of treating the ground. I did not have the sprayer method available, but with a half size watering can this crippled woman managed to put 32 cans of liquid on the garden. Very satisfying and I have been explaining the advantage to others. Thank you.

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