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'Must-Have' Vegetable Seed Collection

  • Catalogue Code 1020-7773
  • Pack Contents: 12x Seed Packets

Arm yourself with this seed collection of our tried-and-tested vegetable varieties to enjoy harvests of a wide range of vegetables for 12-months of the year.

A must-have for preparing delicious recipes with full-flavoured home-grown crops fresh from your garden and a must-have for having baskets filled with a variety of colourful and tasty vegetables from carrots to courgettes to cucumbers.

Each variety comes as seeds in fully-sealed packets are fully detailed with helpful sowing, transplanting and harvesting instructions, top tips on growing for perfect crops as well as spacing instructions – to guide you right from the start.

Your great-value 12-variety collection comprises a packet of seeds each of;

Crops for all-year-round

Cabbage Duncan: Kitchen-ready: January-December

Sow through the summer so you have tasty baby cabbage leaves- all the rage in the top restaurants – for salads throughout the summer. Enjoy harvests of more mature cabbages into autumn, winter and spring for delicious leaves 12 months of the year.   

Crops for the winter

Parsnip Gladiator: Kitchen-ready: October-February

The high quality roots are quick to mature with a deliciously sweet, earthy flavour. 

Carrot Resistafly: Kitchen-ready: September- February

Expect a heavy crop of long, well coloured smooth roots from this outstanding variety.

Brussels Sprout Bright: Kitchen-ready: October-November

Tall stems produce lots of smooth, round sprouts, hardy to UK weather and with good disease-resistance. This means a dependable harvest of at least 20 sprouts per plant to arm you for Sunday dinners in winterl

Leek Musselburgh: Kitchen-Ready: October- March

Grows uniform mild and thick stems which makes them easy to pick from the vegetable plot and then bring in the kitchen to slice and add to a warming hotpot. Home-grown they acquire the full-flavour that comes from growing in good soil in a sunny site. 

Broccoli Xtra Erly Rudolph: Kitchen ready: October-February

Good-sized, tender spears are produced on large-framed plants. This high-quality broccoli will begin to crop as early as September, but is at its very best from November to February. Great to know when you’re looking for vitamin-rich vegetables in winter to boost your immune system. From 1 plant expect more than 10 tasty florets.

Crops for the summer

Beetroot Boltardy: Kitchen–ready: July-November

Beetroot ‘Boltardy’ is a true gardener’s favourite.

Without a doubt ‘Boltardy’ Beetroot is the perfect variety for early sowing, due to its resistance to producing seeds and affecting the quality of the beetroot.

Lettuce Rekord: Kitchen-ready: June- October

A loose-leaf type crunchy, crisp lettuce with curly light green leaves which are easy to break off for salads and sandwich-fillers

Courgette Tuscany: Kitchen-ready: August-October

Producing lots of straight, spineless easy-pick courgettes, these plants are well-suited to the UK weather so you can rest assured you’re plants are productive and protected from cool summers.

Tomato Shirley: Kitchen-ready: August-October

Heavy vines full of individual sweet tomato fruits that are full-sized, perfect for slicing and serving with slices of mozzarella.

Cucumber Burpless T Green: Kitchen-Ready: July-September

Cucumber 'Burpless Tasty Green' is tender-skinned and easy on the digestion- burpless by name and by nature!  Cucumber fruit in double figures reach 10-12in long each year; they’re crisp and tasty.

Runner Bean Firestorm: Kitchen-ready: July-October

Runner beans are so refreshing when picked from your own plants. The self-pollinating flowers of Firestorm turn into beans even when you grow just one plant, so is a variety for bowlfuls of harvests through the summer.


  • Good in containers and pots
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Will flower well in partial sun

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