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Micro-Leaf Seed Growers Kit

  • Catalogue Code 1020-9010
  • Pack Contents: 7 packs of seeds, 5 trays and lids, 10 felt mats and 1 pair of snips

SAVE £14 on this all-you-need Micro-leaf Seeds Growers Kit.

Your Micro-Leaf Growers Kit from Marshalls contains everything you need to grow tasty micro-leaves to accompany delicious meals. Easy to grow and easy to cut from seed tray to your dinner plate all within the space of 1 week.

You’ll get delicious young leaves to accompany delicious meals and recipes without having to leave your house or use any soil whatsoever. Perfect if you want to use your green-fingers in winter when the weather’s not great outside

Your kit includes:

5 Gro Trays & Lids – reusable for when you buy future seeds & the lids give your seeds the perfect environment to grow at their best

10 cut-to-size felt mats you can use instead of compost

1 pair of Marshalls branded Micro Snips for snipping the right amount each time

7 packets of seeds of micro-leaf varieties starring:

Broccoli Micro-Leaf – perfect partner to fish
Mustard Red Frills - leaf with quite a kick
Rocket Victoria – hot and refreshing
Red Stemmed Radish Sangria – succulent and tangy
Amaranth Red Army – tender and nutritious with a delicate pea-like flavour
Mustard Green Frills – cheeky, spicy flavour
Basil Dark Opal – taste of the Med

Here’s how to maximise your Micro-leaf Growers Kit

1) Place felt mat into tray

2) Moisten the felt under a running tap or with a small water dispenser 

3) Scatter half a pack of seeds evenly over the felt mat, closely but not on top of each other

4) Put the lid on top and place on a light windowsill

In just 7 days cut your nutritious young leaves straight onto your dinner plate with your Marshalls micro-snips included.

7 packets of seeds will be enough for 14 half-packet sowings. Sow two varieties each week and you’ll have enough harvests to last you for 7 weeks – perfect for a January-February detox plan and to see you through to spring.



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Sow Indoors

Brilliant idea to grow wonderful micro-greens. Perfect start kit and for windowsills.


Good quality seeds. Everything worked well, 99% of the seeds Germinated correctly, very few didnt't.


Very easy to use good value for the money.

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