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May is the exciting month that you can start getting vegetable plants onto the plot. Temperatures start to creep up so your watering regime takes priority while your plants are at that vulnerable young stage. You can still sow seeds in May as well as get young plants in the ground so the plot becomes a hive of activity.

You can look forward to your first harvests too; strawberries and even first-early potatoes are ready in the second half of May.

Enjoy the month of May,

The Marshalls Team 


Our TOP 4 jobs for the month


Sow root veg like carrotsMay19 News Art1

Sow carrots now for an autumn/winter harvest. Just sow the seeds outdoors in drills in a Veg Trug, raised bed or directly in the soil. Beetroot varieties are also fit to sow now as are turnips and swedes. Though longer to mature root varieties tend to have long harvesting periods and through the colder months too.



Flower cutting season startsMay19 News Art2

May is a great time to get summer bulbs like dahlias and gladioli in the ground. Just plant these in well-draining soil on your plot and await colourful tall flowers, perfect for cutting in late summer to sell on as cut flowers or put in vases to fill your home with flowers.



Plant out young veg plantsMay19 News Art3

If you like to fill up your plot quickly with quality young plants then May is the time to get them in. At Marshalls we have brassicas like cabbage and greenhouse crops like tomatoes all sent to you in May in packs that act like miniature greenhouses and with a good root zone which establishes quickly once in the soil.



Start harvesting fruitsMay19 News Art4

Some strawberry varieties are ready to pick towards the end of May especially if it’s been a warm start to the season. If you’re keen on picking your own strawberries from as early as May be sure to select varieties such as Christine and Malling Centenary.


Top crops to plantMay19 News Top Crops

Broccoli is a superfood high in vitamin C and folic acid. It’s also a great crop to try at home, giving you big harvests and plants on your plot rewarding to see in full leaf. When your young plants are growing in earnest feed them a high nitrogen feed when encourages lush, green growth.

Spring Rapini – Fully edible plants (Harvests May-November)

Summer Purple – With excellent heat tolerance (Harvests June-October)

Green Magic – Recommended by the RHS (Harvests August-September)


Recipe of the month - Broccoli and potato casseroleMay19 News Recipe

  • 10-12 florets of broccoli
  • 6 potatoes (chopped)
  • 2 tins broccoli soup
  • 300g grated cheese
  • 250ml sour cream
  • 1 teaspoon mustard (French, English or wholegrain)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat the oven to 165 C (Gas Mark 3).
  • Lightly boil the potatoes and broccoli for five minutes.
  • Blend together the soup, cheese, sour cream and mustard.
  • Add the potato and broccoli
  • Place into a casserole dish that has been greased.
  • Put into the oven for 1 hour or until the potato within are tender


Timely news


Growing and showingMay19 News RHS

Take a look at the home-growing ideas showcased at the RHS Flower Shows this May. RHS Flower Show Chelsea showcases a number of ideas including the CAMFED Garden: Giving Girls in Africa a Space to Grow brings together edible crops with education.





Sent to you this monthMay19 News Summer Days

Yacon: a yam-like vegetable, high in antioxidants and with attractive sunflower-like blooms

Smokey fennel: Rare bronze colour and aniseed-flavoured seeds and leaves

Summer Days: (pictured) Instant hanging baskets: buy 2 and save £10