What is a cookie and why do we use them?

A “Cookie” is a small file that is temporarily placed on your computer. We use cookies to help improve your experience on our website. Imagine a cookie as being a type of identification card. Its primary role is to notify the website of your preferences when you return again, ensuring a high level of functionality and security for you. But how do Cookies help?

Take the following scenario as an example:

You are shopping on our website and you have added products to your barrow;  accidently you close your browser. When you next visit our site, you notice that all of the products you were shopping for yesterday are all still in your barrow. This would not happen without using a cookie. 

There are several other reasons why we use cookies. Below is a bit more technical information about the cookies that we use.  


Different types of cookie

There are two types of Cookies that we use at Marshalls-Seeds.co.uk  - ‘session’ based and ‘persistent’ cookies.
What is a session based Cookie? This is a cookie that only lasts a short amount of time, during your current visit to the website. 

What is a persistent Cookie? This is a cookie that stays on your computer for a period of time.
Below is a list of all of the cookies that we use.There are two types of Cookies that we use at Marshalls-Seeds.co.uk, session based and persistent cookies.


Persistent cookies

Guides detail
Uses a cookie containing the previous address for the back button. (stored for 1 day)
Category listings 
Sort by and number of products per page - values are stored in cookie for subsequent page rendering use (1 day expiry)
User first name 
Stored in cookie for use on site where you see… ‘Welcome back James’ or similar
User ID 
A unique client reference used to identify you on subsequent visits (100 day expiry)
Basket ID 
Stores your basket information between visits  visits (30 day expiry) (strictly necessary)
Recently viewed items
Most recently viewed product id’s are stored enabling you to easily recall to view again  (30 day expiry)
Mobile site version override 
Override value set in cookie if you has selected to switch between main and mobile version of the application (30 day expiry)
Cookie test
Used to test if cookies are enabled


Session cookies

Search Term
Used to re-populate keyword search form 
Redirect URL 
Used to redirect you  to an intended URL following applicable particular action e.g. login or checkout
Used as reference to support the checkout process (strictly necessary)
Used areference point for the current user basket record (strictly necessary)
Spam prevention support 
To prevent automated programs from automatically submitting site forms
Most recently added item to basket 
Set as a session variable for link / redirect use
Account ID
Used within my account / checkout to identify you as a  customer (strictly necessary)


Third Party Cookies

Sub2 use cookies to enhance the user experience with this site by delivering both personalised content and offers whilst ensuring you see the products most relevant to you. Any information collected is not shared with any other third parties. Learn more about Sub2 cookies.


Manage your cookies

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