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Marguerite Aramis Snow - 6 Plants

  • Catalogue Code 5120-1340
  • Pack Contents: 6x Large Marguerite Plants
  • Top performers in pots
  • Constant flowers from May to October
  • Attracts beneficial hoverflies
  • Soft, tranquil colours on every flowers

Enjoy annual flowering plant marguerite Aramis Snow, illuminating your container garden with daisy-like flowers of white petals and yellow centres. With a backdrop of intricate lacy leaves the flower and leaf textures come together in an impressive display.

Throughout the summer your plants reveal lots of buds with open up to reveal pretty flowers every day. The compact nature of this variety gives your plants a cushion of flowers, beautiful and tactile.

The cushion of flowers attract big numbers of hoverflies- those harmless bee-like insects that hover like little helicopters around your garden flowers. Every hoverfly will pass pollen from one plant to another, which is great news when you have nearby strawberry plants or pea plants. Hoverfly larvae eat aphids too, reducing your garden pest problem.

You receive your six plugs in a pack that allows the young plants to rest well in the perfect soil and leaf environment while they are transported from our nursery to your home.

Useful Tip:

When you receive your plants we recommend you place the plants in some water if the root zone feels dry to the touch. After placing them in some water put them back in their pack until planting time. Look to planting your plugs within four to five days.

Up To: 45cm (18in)


  • Good in containers and pots
  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Will flower well in partial sun

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The Marguerite plants were all healthy on arrival and are growing well


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