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Lily of the Valley x15 Bare Root Plants

  • Catalogue Code 5130-1265
  • Pack Contents: 15 Pips (rhizomes)

Create a sweet-smelling indoor display AND a perfume filled garden! Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) are among the most fragrant of plants with their traditional strong but delicate scent. They’ve always been favourite plants to lighten up shady gardens but they also make fabulous indoor scented plants.


Indoor planting

Plant the Lily of the Valley ‘pips’ into good moisture retentive compost in a shallow decorative container indoors; a wicker basket or shallow terracotta trough is ideal.

Keep them warm and moist and they’ll send up delicate spikes of scented white bells.

Once they have delighted indoors, you can plant them out in the garden to naturalise.

Outdoor planting

Plant the rhizomes in moist, humus-rich soil min 2-3 cm deep, spreading the roots. Once they are well rooted they will spread by means of the underground rhizomes.

They are an excellent ground cover that lasts until frost sets in. They will form large clumps that need almost no care and live for many years.

Lily of the Valley grow best in a moist shaded site, thriving in even deep shade.

They’ll come back into flower every year and once established they’ll spread into glorious carpets of spring scent and colour.

They can be divided and replanted between September-November


15 Pips will fill a 12cm pot



  • Hardy Perennial - sow indoors or on a seedbed (April-June); transplant later to flower for many seasons
  • Attracts Bees
  • Good in containers and pots

Growing Calendar for Lily of the Valley x15 Bare Root Plants

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Plant Outdoors

Lily of the Valley x15 Bare Root Plants 5130-1265

Sometimes Lily of the Valley don''t flower in their first year. Results can differ from customer to customer and their own growing conditions. 

Tips to ensure they flower.

  • Plant as soon as possible after receipt.
  • Ensure the roots are kept moist, do not allow the compost to dry out but do not allow the compost to be sodden. If you place your finger on the soil surface the soil should feel damp NOT wet.
  • Place on a light windowsill or surface away from midday direct light.
  • 20°C is the ideal temperature. Some homes can be too hot and the flower might abort for survival of the plant.
  • After flowering move the plant to the garden, you can either plant up in an area of partial shade into moist soil or keep in the plant in the container providing drainage holes are put into the container.

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