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Leek Zermatt Plants x40

  • Catalogue Code 1080-6309
  • Pack Contents: 40x Leek Plants

Great healthy, vigorous early variety ready to crop from mid-summer. Uniform in growth these make an attractive addition on your plot.

Leeks appreciate a sunny spot so bear this in mind when sowing or planting. It pays to prepare the soil well before sowing leeks or adding young plants. In the winter add lots of bulky compost or manure to the soil to increase the nutrient levels.

To top up and really put the young plants in good stead, add a general purpose fertiliser a couple of weeks before sowing or planting.

Sow thinly in drills (shallow furrows made with the edge of a hoe) outdoors and thin out gradually until the remaining seedlings are about 5cm apart.

If sowing under glass in (January-February), add two to three seeds to a small pot, and remove the two weaker seedlings once the seedling show around four leaves. Transplant young plants into the ground in late spring/early summer. They should be about 20cm in length and about the thickness of a pencil.

For their eventual planting hole use a dibber to create a long thin hole 15cm deep. Drop the young plants in the holes and fill the holes with water. You don’t need to fill the soil with soil as the leeks ‘girth-out’ quickly to fill them.

When harvesting in late summer to autumn lift carefully with a border fork.


  • Will flower well in full sun

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Poorly rooted and very flimsy, arriving shaken out of their positions, but they survived and are establishing well. Black mark for black plastic root trainers.


Excellent plants, recommend highly

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